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BAE Systems looks to 3DAWS for layered missile warning capability

01 May 2017

BAE Systems is developing a new missile warning capability to protect rotary-wing aircraft against advanced threats.

Working in adjunct with either BAE Systems' Common Missile Warning System or any passive threat detection system, the company's 3-Dimensional Advanced Warning System (3DAWS) not only provides the azimuth and elevation of the threat, but also the range to that threat.

A new passively-cued, semi-active radio frequency 3-D tracker technology enables air crews to receive range data on a threat and determine if it is coming at them, thus providing definitive threat assessment.

"You are able to 100% confirm it is indeed a threat and it is coming at your air vehicle so you can deploy a countermeasure in a timely fashion," Cheryl Paradis, director of threat management solutions for BAE Systems told Jane's.

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