Naval Weapons

Navy League 2017: New Phalanx electric gun achieves first milestone as part of tech refresh

06 April 2017

Raytheon has successfully test-fired a new electrically powered gun for its Mk 15 Phalanx 20 mm Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), the company announced on 4 April.

The test, which is part of a series of 'tech refresh' projects for Phalanx, served to demonstrate that the electric gun can operate despite the heavy vibrations that occur when Phalanx is fired.

Phalanx is an all-weather, day-and-night, fully automatic, self-contained weapon system using a 20mm M61A1 Gatling gun capable of firing armour-piercing rounds at a rate of up to 4,200 rounds/min. The system has its own radar to perform search, detection, threat evaluation, tracking, engagement, and kill assessment; the Block 1B variant adds a forward-looking infrared sensor to confer a capability against surface craft and slow-speed air threats.

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