Arab countries order Husky mine-detection vehicles

05 April 2017
Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia will receive two-operator Husky 2G version. Source: DCD-Dorbyl

The US Department of Defence announced on 30 March that it had awarded a USD132 million contract to Critical Solutions International (CSI) to deliver Husky second-generation systems with related equipment and services to Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

CSI is a US company that has partnered with the South African company DCD Protected Mobility to make its Husky family of mine-detection vehicles a US government programme of record.

Designed to keep its operator safe and be easy to repair in the field if it triggers an explosion, the Husky uses ground-penetrating radar and other sensors to detect explosive devices. The second-generation Husky 2G can accommodate two operators rather than one, making it more appropriate for long-duration route-clearance missions.

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