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Ovod-R brings precision engagement to RPG-7

30 March 2017

Minsk, Belarus-based Scientific Research and Production Centre has developed a new grenade launcher that is based on the RPG-7.

The ballistic computer injects an aiming point into the sight. (Miroslav Gyurosi)The ballistic computer injects an aiming point into the sight. (Miroslav Gyurosi)

The Ovod-R has a design that sees the original PGO-7V3 optical sight replaced by the new PD-7 smart sight, along with a laser rangefinder and optional NV/A-1 night vision attachment.

The PD-7 is designed to provide target detection and precision targeting, and features an optical channel, integrated laser rangefinder, ballistic computer, and movable aiming mark. The ballistic computer can account for six types of grenade and offers a field-of-view (FoV) of 17° and a 3x magnification. The LRF operates at ranges between 50 m and 1,500 m. The unit weighs 2 kg and is powered by 2 AA batteries that provide up to 8 hours of operation.

The PD-7 introduces a high level of automation in the target engagement cycle, providing the shooter with an aim point visible with the sight.

In generating an aim point the ballistic computer accounts for the type of grenade, firing range, temperature, atmospheric pressure, target velocity, and wind speed.

The unit has a modern power system and can optionally be fitted with an NV/A-1 quick release attachment, which has no impact on the performance and supports operations in poor weather conditions and visibility.

The NV/A-1 can use Gen 2+, Gen 3, or Gen 3+ image intensification tubes and has a FoV of at least 16.5°. It weighs 0.55 kg and is powered by a single AA battery. It is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40° to 55°C and has 1x magnification.

Ovod-R measures 950 mm in length and weighs around 6.3 kg without the sights.

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