Military Capabilities

USMC anticipates importance of 'tactical flexibility' of next-gen amphibs to USN

29 March 2017

Key Points

  • USMC leadership highlights dependence on 'tactical flexibility' of next-gen amphibious ships
  • Operational concepts may project increased shifts from carrier-based operations to USN-USMC pairings

US Marine Corps (USMC) Brigadier General Francis L Donovan, commander of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, told Jane's he was awaiting additional and new amphibious ships to augment the exercises, special missions, and occasional operations US Navy (USN) guided-missile ships undertake in tandem with the USMC.

Speaking from Bahrain, Brig Gen Donovan told Jane's that he needed more of the purpose-built amphibious platforms and next-generation vessels, such as the next-generation landing ship docks (LX(R)) and big-deck vessels, to bring more to the fight for the future fleet.

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