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Practika details Otaman upgrade

28 March 2017
The Otaman upgrade introduces a wide range of changes to the BTR-60 design, including a completely new hull. Source: Practika

Ukraine's Practika has revealed details of the Otaman modernisation package developed for the BTR-60-series armoured personnel carrier (APC).

Sergie Vilkov, head of development at Practika, told Jane's that the second prototype of an overhauled BTR-60 is undergoing testing and an operational prototype should be ready in "late spring".

Development work began in mid-2016, and the offering features substantial changes to the original vehicle design. While the chassis and floor have been retained, the hull is completely replaced, as is the powertrain, Vilkov explained.

The new hull is made of modern steel and is being tested to various international standards; it can also be fitted with applique ceramic armour to enhance protection. It has a projected ballistic protection level of STANAG 4569 level II.

The layout of the vehicle's interior is also extensively reworked, Vilkov said. In the original design the engine was positioned at the rear with the troop compartment in the centre. The Otaman upgrade sees the engine positioned to the front right and the dismounts seated in the rear, which also features a powered ramp - the BTR-60 design features side doors - the addition of a ramp should speed up egress and enable personnel to benefit from the cover provided from the vehicle once dismounted. The interior is also more spacious and has a raised roofline.

In recognition of the need to provide increased levels of survivability a number of enhancements in this area feature in the Otaman upgrade. An additional layer of armour is fitted to the bottom of the vehicle to provide multilayered protection, and blast attenuating seats hang from the roof and face inwards; the seats are also designed to be more comfortable and reduce fatigue for the 6 occupants.

The new powertrain is designed to enhance off-road performance and introduces an Iveco diesel engine that develops 238 hp and 1,020 Nm of torque; this replaces the twin petrol engines previously used.

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