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Lockheed Martin announces Paragon direct attack munition

06 March 2017

Key Points

  • Dual Mode Plus has been designated 'Paragon' as it moves from development to production
  • Paragon has been successfully integrated on the F/A-18 with additional flight testing under way. F-16 integration and flight testing are programmed for Q2CY17.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control has registered its new Dual Mode Plus laser-guided bomb (LGB) with a new designation: the Paragon direct attack munition.

Lockheed Martin has registered its new Dual Mode Plus laser-guided bomb as the 'Paragon' direct attack munition. (Lockheed Martin)Lockheed Martin has registered its new Dual Mode Plus laser-guided bomb as the 'Paragon' direct attack munition. (Lockheed Martin)

Paragon integrates a low-cost next-generation GPS-aided inertial navigation system (INS) capability with Lockheed Martin's existing single-mode LGB technology to deliver an all-weather stand-off dual-mode precision strike accuracy (laser/dual mode) of less than 4 meters circular error probable. The guidance kit utilises INS/GPS for all weather engagements, dual mode (semi-active laser and INS/GPS) for moving targets, and laser-only in GPS-denied environments.

The Paragon guidance package comprises a weapon guidance unit (WGU) Paveway II Plus LGB computer control group (CCG) upgraded to include an INS/GPS guidance subsystem (for dual mode capability); an Air Foil Group (AFG), which is a tail-mounted assembly to add stability to the fully configured weapon and is identical to that used in the standard Paveway II LGBs; and an Adapter Group (ADG), which is a warhead-mounted connector, cable, and conduit assembly that provides the electrical connection between the WGU and the aircraft.

Lockheed Martin said that "by maintaining existing LGB mass properties, outer mold line, and compatibility with the existing airfoil group, Paragon integrates seamlessly with aircraft currently employing LGBs and other direct attack munitions. It is fully compatible with 500 lb, 1,000 lb, and 2,000 lb warheads".

According to the company, Paragon has "a launch acceptable region larger than other dual-mode weapons ... [and] delivers greater mission flexibility through increased stand-off and cross-range capability against stationary and moving targets. Varied fusing options include a proximity sensor to deliver height-of-burst capability."

A Lockheed Martin spokesperson told Jane's that the new Paragon designation was "an opportunity to enhance the product's recognition and branding as we transition from development to production.

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