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Polaris unveils two-seat diesel MRZR-D2

21 February 2017
Polaris has introduced an MRZR-D2 two-seat variant to complement the four-seat MRZR-D4 and its gas-powered MRZRs. Source: Polaris

Polaris on 20 February unveiled an MRZR-D2 two-seat diesel engine version of the baseline MRZR all-terrain vehicle.

The MRZR-D2, like its sister vehicles, is an off-road mobility platform for use in rugged terrain, and is air-transportable in the CH-47 Chinook, CH-53 Stallion, MV-22 Osprey, and C-130 Hercules.

"The D2 and D4 are extremely common" in parts and design, Jed Leonard, director of Polaris Government and Defense, told Jane's.

The 113-in-long D2 is a shorter two-seat vehicle but "its driveline is exactly the same" as the 140-in-long four-seat D4, Leonard said.

The MRZR-D2 accommodates 2-4 seats, 1 litter mount, and 1,000 lb payload, while the MRZR-D4 accommodates 4-6 seats, 2 litter mounts, and a 1,500 lb payload. Both provide about 80% more range than the gas-powered variants, the company said.

The MRZR family was originally launched in 2013 with two- and four-seat gas-powered platforms. Polaris in May 2016 then launched MRZR-D4 with a four-stroke Kohler diesel engine capable of running on diesel and JP8 fuel. A larger internal fuel tank, improved auxiliary power supply, sightlines, and ergonomics, gives the vehicle the increased range over its predecessor, Polaris said.

MRZR-D4s have been ordered by the US Marine Corps (USMC) for its utility task vehicle (UTV) programme, US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and the Canadian Army. The US Army also has gas-powered MRZRs.

"MRZRs are fielded with the United States and more than 20 allied militaries, including the US Army, Marine Corps, Canada, and Australia," a Polaris spokesperson said.

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