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Budget office raises 10-year US nuclear force cost by 15% to USD400 billion

15 February 2017

The United States' current nuclear force modernisation plans would cost a total of USD400 billion from fiscal year 2017 (FY 2017) through FY 2026, according to a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate.

The 10-year projection, published on 14 February, is 15% higher than the CBO's previous 2015 estimate of USD348 billion over the FY 2015-24 period.

These costs - meaning the amount needed to be appropriated - were calculated from the Department of Defense's (DOD's) and the Department of Energy's (DOE's) FY 2017 budget requests.

It averages to be USD40 billion annually and accounts for about 6% of the total 10-year national defence costs identified in FY 2017 budget requests.

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