Air-Launched Weapons

Aero India 2017: Bazalt pushes bombs and rockets to India

15 February 2017

Russia's Bazalt, a subsidiary of the Techmash Concern, has displayed a range of bombs and rockets for the Indian market.

Speaking at Aero India 2017 in Bangalore, a Bazalt official confirmed to Jane's that the PBK-500U SPBE-K unified glide cluster bomb development is in final stage of certification.

The 540 kg PBK-500U SPBE-K is the latest member of a family of glide weapons that is based on the earlier family of RBK-500 multipurpose dispensers, but with a modified four-fin tail unit.

The bomb has a length of 3,100 mm, a diameter of 450 mm, a combat weight of 540 kg, a maximum glide range of 30 km, and incorporates 15 SPBE-K submunitions.

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