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Five-nation project for multimode IED detection to get off ground soon

02 February 2017

A five-nation European research consortium will soon receive funding to work on a counter-improvised explosive device (IED) project for route clearance that, if successful, would leap ahead of today's techniques, enabling much faster and more comprehensive detection and disposal of IED threats.

However, the project's envisioned mix of detection modes and other technologies is exceedingly complex and will hinge on the integration and accuracy of the modes' fused data streams as well as their ease of display for human operators.

"There will have to be a lot of trials before we can put together a technology demonstrator," a European Defence Agency (EDA) official confided to Jane's on 31 January, "but if it produces a colour-coded map of [IED] risks as planned, this would have new operational implications for RoE [rules of engagement] while providing a safer environment for convoy commanders."

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