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Namibia to receive RG32M armoured vehicles

30 January 2017
A Swedish Army RG32 Scout seen deployed with the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali. Source: Swedish armed forces

Namibia will receive the eight RG32M mine-hardened armoured patrol vehicles that it has ordered for its army from Denel Vehicle Systems by the end of March, the South African group announced on 19 January.

The Namibian vehicles are right-hand drive and have a different internal layout to previous models, a Denel source told IHS Jane's. The order also covers four Denel Mechatronics SDROW small remote weapon stations, which can be fitted with a variety of light machine guns and the Denel PMP 20 x 42 mm iNkunzi Strike support weapon.

The RG32M is a 9.5-tonne patrol vehicle that has enjoyed significant export success, with close to 700 exported. Open sources list 380 exported to Sweden, which has employed them in Afghanistan and Mali; 74 to Finland; and others to Slovakia and the United Nations (UN). The Irish Army acquired 26 of the RG32LTV variant, which is slightly larger and 800 kg heavier, has a different configuration, and offers greater mine protection.

The RG32M is well-suited to peace support and similar operations, combining good protection and off-road mobility with an inoffensive appearance. Its compact dimensions and low mass also make it easier to deploy than many vehicles offering a similar level of protection. Depending on the destination airfield and its distance, an Il-76, A400M, or An-70 transport aircraft could transport three; a C-130J, two; and a C-27J, one.

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