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Germany seeks new special forces assault rifle

12 January 2017
Germany's special forces are looking to buy a replacement for their current G36. Source: Bundeswehr

Germany's special forces are seeking new assault rifles, with the German defence procurement office issuing a tender for their purchase.

According to the tender issued by the BAAINBw, Germany is interesting in purchasing 1,750 rifles in total.

The new rifle is expected to replace the G36 rifles currently used by the army's Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) and the navy's Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine (KSM) units.

The deadline for submitting offers is the 9 February, with delivery to start on 10 September and be completed by 28 June 2019. The estimated value of the contract is EUR11 million (USD11.6 million).

According to the tender requirements the future German's special forces assault rifle is to be a gas-operated firearm chambered in the 5.56x45 mm NATO, and capable of single and automatic fire.

The weapon is to be equipped with a STANAG 4694 NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) on the top of a receiver, other NARs located on a handguard, and a suppressor.

The weapon length without a suppressor is to be less than 900 mm, with a maximum weight set to 3.8 kg (without magazine, ammunition, and optics). The barrel life is requested to be at least 10,000 rounds, while receiver life is to be 30,000 rounds or more. The rifle is requested to be feature dual controls for right- and left-handed users.

The contract also includes the delivery of a laser designator and illuminator, flashlight, and carrying equipment.

The 1,750 rifles to be bought include five models for bid comparison (delivered before a contract is to be signed), 40 for qualification tests and compatibility checks with optical sights, and 1,705 serially produced weapons.

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