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Report claims North Korea's SLBM could have a 600 km strike range carrying a one-tonne warhead

03 January 2017

North Korea's submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) is capable of carrying a 1.5-tonne warhead nearly 450 km or a 1-tonne warhead at least 600 km, Yonhap news agency quoted a report by the Seoul-based Institute of Korean Studies (IKS) as saying.

Published in the December edition of the IKS' Korea Observer journal, the report entitled 'North Korean Ballistic Missile Program' claims that the Pukkuksong-1 (also referred to as the Bukgeukseong-1 or KN-11) could even fly up to 800 km carrying a 1-tonne warhead. However, more details are necessary to accurately determine the maximum range of the SLBM, the report said.

According to the report's authors - Theodore Postol, an emeritus professor at the US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Markus Schiller, an aerospace engineer at Germany-based ST Analytics - this means that "when the Pukkuksong-1 is eventually deployed on diesel-electric submarines, it will almost certainly have the range to carry a heavy nuclear warhead designed for ballistic missile delivery".

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