Naval Weapons

RoKN accidentally discharges missiles, torpedo into Sea of Japan

03 January 2017

A Republic of Korean Navy (RoKN) P-3CK maritime patrol aircraft has accidentally discharged a number of weapons into the Sea of Japan approximately 26 n miles off South Korea' s Yangyang County.

The weapons discharged are namely three Harpoon anti-ship missiles, a depth charge, and a torpedo, the country's official Yonhap news agency reported on 1 January. Details of the torpedo and depth charge were not disclosed by the report.

"One of the plane's crew mistakenly touched the emergency weapons release switch at around 6:10 a.m. [local time]", said the Yonhap report citing an RoKN official, adding that there has been no injuries reported in the incident despite the presence of one fishing boat in the vicinity.

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