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Raytheon closes out 2016 with one more Patriot IAMD Configuration 3+ award

30 December 2016

Raytheon announced on 29 December it has secured a direct commercial sales contract worth more than USD600 million to upgrade an undisclosed country's Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) system to the Configuration 3+.

"Patriot continues to outpace the evolving threat because Raytheon works closely with the US and the 12 other Patriot partner nations to continuously enhance the system's capabilities," Michael Nachshen, a spokesperson for Raytheon, told IHS Jane's on 29 December.

"Configuration 3+ with Post Deployment Build [PDB]-8 is scheduled for fielding in 2018 and was built on a foundation of the lessons learned from thousands of tests and numerous combat engagements."

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