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Bolivian Army receives tactical vehicles, communications equipment

28 December 2016

The Bolivian Army has received 50 modified 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup trucks adapted for tactical transport and border control duties. The vehicles are armed with 7.62x51 mm SIG 710-3 light machine guns fitted on a reinforced 1.2-ton capacity chassis, and other additions include removable fuel containers and radio communications.

An assortment of 90 portable and 121 fixed base radios as well as 5 ultra-high frequency repeater stations were also received by the army as part of an ongoing communications modernisation programme.

Army commander General Luis Ariñez said most of the new equipment - delivered on 23 December - will be assigned to units within the 2nd, 10th, and 1st Mechanized Divisions that are based in the Oruro, Potosi, and La Paz departments, respectively.

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