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US Navy explores counter-UAS capabilities

21 December 2016

The US Navy is seeking near-term technological solutions to address threats from small remotely piloted aircraft to its ships, bases, and other installations.

Officials at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre in Dahlgren, Virginia, want to explore "mature, field-ready" counter-small unmanned air system (C-sUAS) capabilities that could protect navy and coastguard assets in the continental United States (CONUS)".

The C-sUAS programme will evaluate kinetic and non-kinetic options for neutralising hostile or suspicious aircraft in Groups 1 and 2 of the Department of Defense's UAS classification scheme, which covers UAS weighing up to 55 lb (24.9 kg).

According to a 16 December request for information (RFI), maritime security forces require "an effective, reliable, weather-resistant, easily maintained, and operated family of C-sUAS capabilities" for both wide area and point defence.

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