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Cognitive Systems demonstrates compact EW capabilities, partners with ARL

20 December 2016

Cognitive Systems has commenced testing of its on-a-chip electronic warfare (EW) system on board a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Speaking at the inaugural International UAV Show in Toronto in December, Nebu John Mathai, director of strategic initiatives at Cognitive Solutions, told IHS Jane's "UAVs present two very aggressive cases that require the state of the art to be advanced beyond what the incumbent solutions offer", highlighting the combination of low size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements and real-time radio frequency (RF) sensing as distinctive features when compared to existing systems, "no acceptable solution hits this, we are totally disruptive here".

The company has leveraged technology it developed for commercial applications to develop an RF situational awareness tool, which has the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the salient elements of the RF environment.

Mathai explained that their system is designed to offer a complete EW and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solution on a chip that is a fraction of the size of systems currently in use by most militaries. The system's low SWaP characteristics would move EW capabilities out of specialist platforms and into the hands of the ordinary soldier on the battlefield, the company believes.

Mathai also revealed that Cognitive Systems has recently embarked on a tentative project with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. The project will see the system employed in a series of tests designed to demonstrate the company's Cognitive Radio (CR) unique characteristics, stressing the system in order to prove the hardware can handle real-time computation loads and delivers the expected agility performance.

Mathai explained that the architecture of the CR consists of "algorithms, high performance, high bandwidth computation, and very low latency".

Cognitive Systems believes their system, which is entirely contained on an 80 g chip, is the only one that considers the system from a holistic perspective.

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Cognitive Systems has integrated its system on a quadcopter UAS. (Ian Keddie)Cognitive Systems has integrated its system on a quadcopter UAS. (Ian Keddie)

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