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BMD-5 to introduce range of new design features

19 December 2016
The BMP-3 Dragon IFV fitted with a remote turret armed with the 100 mm 2A72 gun, 30 mm cannon, and a 7.62 mm machine gun - this is expected to feature on the BMD-5 AAV. Source: Christopher F Foss

Further details have emerged of the new generation airborne assault vehicle (AAV) under development by Volgograd Tractor Plant for the Russian Army.

The BMD-5 will be a clean sheet design and have a different layout to its predecessors BMD-1, BMD-2, BMD-3, BMD-4, and the latest variant, the BMD-4M AAV.

All of the previous designs have the diesel engine compartment at the rear of the hull, meaning that the dismounts have to leave the vehicle via hatches in the roof, making them vulnerable to small-arms fire.

The BMD-5 AAV will have the diesel powerpack at the front, leaving the remainder of the platform clear for the weapon system and troop compartment, which will extend to the very rear. The previous BMD AAVs have been fitted with a manned turret, but the BMD-5 is expected to feature an unmanned weapon system armed with a 100 mm 2A70 rifled gun, a 30 mm 2A72 dual-feed cannon mounted to the right, and a 7.62 mm PKTM coaxial machine gun (MG) mounted to the left.

In addition to firing conventional 100 mm ammunition, including high explosive (HE), the 100 mm 2A70 gun will also be capable of firing a laser-guided projectile fitted with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead designed to neutralise targets fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA).

The turret is also fitted with a bank of 81 mm electrically operated grenade launchers, and in the future a defensive aids system could well be fitted to further enhance the survivability of the platform.

A computerised fire control system (FCS) will be installed to provide a claimed high first round hit probability against stationary and moving targets, including while the BMD-5 is itself moving.

This weapon station has already been shown installed on the Kurganmashzavod BMP-3 Dragon (Dragun) infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), which is currently at the prototype stage and also features a front mounted diesel powerpack.

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