CBRN Assessment

Security Alerts 16-23 December

15 December 2016



WATCH FOR: Street blockades in Buenos Aires on 19 and 20 December by "piquetero" protests

Risk analysis: Grassroots opposition groups with ties to the previous Kirchner administration, including Quebracho and Túpac Amaru, have announced the reactivation of "piquetero" protests, involving frequent roadblocks in the city of Buenos Aires, to demand more government welfare programmes. They have announced protests on 19 and 20 December in central Buenos Aires. The "piquetero" protests will likely lead to multiple, disruptive roadblocks across Buenos Aires on these dates, with traffic disruption being the most relevant risk, particularly around Avenida 9 de Julio, Avenida de Mayo, and around the Ministry of Employment and Social Security at the Plaza de Mayo.

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