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Capability boost: trials demonstrate enhanced ViDAR/ScanEagle package

08 December 2016

Key Points

  • Sentient's ViDAR system is designed to meet a growing maritime surveillance requirement
  • Recent trials, including 'Unmanned Warrior 2016', have demonstrated the system's ability to support a range of tasks

Sentient Vision Systems' ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) maritime surveillance system has recently demonstrated an improving capability in a number of trials, including at the UK-hosted 'Unmanned Warrior 2016' exercise, according to company representatives.

ViDAR is a software package that filters and assesses imagery provided by a nine-megapixel electro-optical (EO) camera installed on a surveillance platform. Together, the combination is intended to provide persistent wide-area passive maritime surveillance, and according to the company, can cover an area of 13,360 sq n miles over a 12-hour period.

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