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Rheinmetall announces simulation, training contracts

08 December 2016

Rheinmetall Defence has been awarded a contract to modernise Polish Leopard 2 gunnery and driver training simulators, which was revealed at the 2016 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) held in Orlando in December. This was the most recent of a number of training and simulation contracts awarded to Rheinmetall Defence during 2016.

The German Army is modernising its AGDUS live training system with the latest version of Rheinmetall's Legatus system. (Rheinmetall)The German Army is modernising its AGDUS live training system with the latest version of Rheinmetall's Legatus system. (Rheinmetall)

In April the Bundeswehr awarded Rheinmetall a contract worth just under EUR20 million (USD21.5 million) to re-equip the German Army combat training centre (Gefechts-Übungs-Zentrum: GÜZ) at Altmark with a new generation of laser-based tactical engagement simulation (TES) equipment, known in German service as the AGDUS HdWa (Ausbildungsgerät Duellsimulator Handwaffen: Training Device, Duel Simulator, Small Arms). The contract includes the supply of more than 2,000 laser transmitter units for small arms, compatible with practically all standard-issue Bundeswehr infantry weapons, and 1,500 soldier harnesses.

These are based on the latest version of Rheinmetall's Legatus TES equipment, which uses the new Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology (UCATT) standard laser code and also includes new standards for integrating weapons and personal detector harnesses.

This contract was followed by an announcement in September of the award of a number of contracts totalling EUR24 million for the modernisation of the instrumentation infrastructure at the GÜZ and the newly constructed 'Schnoggersburg' MOUT facility. These contracts include modernisation of the existing hardware in the Exercise Control (ExCon) facility; improving the overall communications network; and installing ExCon facilities for Schnoggersburg including the provision of a 3-D database for the urban environment.

A contract for the specialist MOUT instrumentation of the Schnoggersburg complex has not yet been awarded. Michael Kriewitz, vice-president for land simulation sales at Rheinmetall Defence, told IHS Jane's at I/ITSEC that this would be the subject of a further competition.

Rheinmetall also announced in September the award of contract worth "an eight-figure euro amount" to equip a new MOUT complex in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region.

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