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EIMOS mortar system trialled in new vehicle configuration

08 December 2016
EIMOS was integrated on a four-seat URO VAMTAC ST5 light utility vehicle for the latest trials. Source: IHS/Charles Forrester

Spain's Expal has demonstrated its EIMOS mortar system integrated on a four-seat URO VAMTAC ST5 light utility vehicle.

During the live-fire exercise EIMOS operated alongside Expal's wider battle management and surveillance systems.

The demonstration was the second that the system has undertaken, following earlier trials fitted on a two-seat URO VAMTAC S3 vehicle.

In its standard configuration, EIMOS uses an 81 mm mortar and can fire 16-18 rounds per minute with a maximum range of 6.9 km at maximum charge. A 60 mm tube can also be used, offering a range of 4.9 km. During the demonstration, the 81 mm system displayed continuous accuracy - hitting the same target at ranges of up to 4 km despite challenging wind conditions.

EIMOS is designed to be rapidly brought into operation, with the system demonstrating readiness to fire in around 30 seconds once on station. During the demonstration in Almeria, Spain, the system undertook two firing scenarios - a rapid halt and fire, and a convoy ambush.

The mortar turntable can be slewed through 180° into a firing position in less than 20 seconds, with the operation performed by a crew commander from within the vehicle. The fire control system utilises an inertial navigation system and a differential GPS. EIMOS also features an onboard meteorological station to assist in localised accuracy. A recoil absorption system reduces the amount of shock passed onto the vehicle chassis by up to 90%, according to Expal.

EIMOS has a number of redundancies built in, designed to provide continuity in fire support operations. Should the link between the firing unit and the in-cab control system break, the mortar tube can be rotated and aimed using a joystick located on the mortar unit itself. Should the entire turntable and aiming unit become inoperable, the mortar tube can be removed from the firing unit and attached to a tripod and baseplate that are stored on the vehicle.

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