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New Belarus-developed armoured vehicle emerges

22 November 2016
Scale model of the Vitim 4x4 multi-purpose amphibious armoured vehicle. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen

Belarus' Minotor-Service has used internal research and development funding to develop a new 4x4 multi-purpose amphibious armoured vehicle to the prototype stage.

Designated Vitim, the vehicle has a monocoque all-welded steel hull that is claimed to provide protection from 7.62 mm ammunition fired from a distance of 10 m.

According to Minotor-Service, the hull also protects against under blast from F-1 and RGO hand grenades, as well as and against plastic explosives containing the equivalent of 0.5 kg of TNT.

An unusual feature of the Vitim is that it can be prepared for amphibious operations in less than 10 minutes, after which it is then propelled in the water by its wheels at a maximum speed of up to 5 km/h.

A screen is erected on top of the engine compartment towards the front to help keep water from obstructing the driver's position.

In addition to the driver it has seats for four other occupants and the manufacturer is quoting a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 7 tonnes, of which 1 tonne is payload.

The front-mounted powerpack consists of a turbocharged diesel developing 215 hp coupled to five speed manual transmission, which is stated as giving a maximum road speed of 125 km/h and an operating range of up to 800 km without refueling.

Vitim is fitted with bullet/splinter resistant windows and has side and rear doors, the later featuring a circular firing port.

The projected mission set of the Vitim include the vehicle acting in reconnaissance, command, convoy escort, weapons carrier, and internal security roles to name but a few.

If required a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun can be mounted on the roof.

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Vitim 4x4 has a 1 tonne payload. (Minotor-Service)Vitim 4x4 has a 1 tonne payload. (Minotor-Service)Minotor-Service is also studying a 6x6 variant of the Vitim. (Minotor-Service)Minotor-Service is also studying a 6x6 variant of the Vitim. (Minotor-Service)

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