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Airshow China 2016: Russia unveils new AESA radar for MiG-35 fighter

04 November 2016

Russia's Fazotron-NIIR Corporation (a subsidiary of the KRET Concern) has developed a new active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar for the Mikoyan MiG-29/35 ('Fulcrum') multirole fighter.

The Russian Zhuk-AMEh AESA radar for the MiG-29 made an appearance at Airshow China 2016. (N Novichkov)The Russian Zhuk-AMEh AESA radar for the MiG-29 made an appearance at Airshow China 2016. (N Novichkov)

The radar, the Zhuk-AMEh, was unveiled at the Airshow China 2016 aerospace exhibition, held in Zhunhai from 1 to 6 November.

The Zhuk-AMEh can track up to 30 targets and can simultaneously attack up to six aerial and four ground targets, a Russian defence industry source told IHS Jane's at Airshow China.

"The jam-resistant radar works even in the harshest climatic conditions and contested areas. The Zhuk-AMEh can detect enemy targets in air-to-air and air-to-ground modes synchronically, identify and track both single and group targets, attack several objects with high-precision munitions, transfer acquired data to other aircraft, and conduct electronic warfare," the source said.

"The receivers and transmitters of the Zhuk-AMEh have been manufactured by LTCC [low-temperature co-fired ceramic] technologies," the source continued, adding, "They are installed on lightweight ceramic plates that allow the AESA a width reduction of 10 cm [with power sources and control elements]. The radar is comprised of three units, namely the AESA radar, a processing unit, and a composer."

The capabilities of the Zhuk-AMEh have been improved by 50% compared with previously developed variants of the Zhuk radar. "At present, a MiG-29 fighter can detect an aerial target at 180 km," the source said, "while the Zhuk-AMEh increases this range to 260 km."

The source added that the new radar weighs about 100 kg and has received a certificate that enables it to be exported.

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