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Indo Defence 2016: Indonesia unveils 22 m mini-submarine concept for special operations

04 November 2016

A working group that includes the Indonesian Ministry of Defence's research and development branch and shipbuilder PT Palindo Marine has unveiled a 22 m mini-submarine concept that is said to have been designed fully in-country.

The concept was conceived to pre-empt the need for a small underwater platform that can be deployed in littoral waters for covert missions such as surveillance and special forces operations, a PT Palindo Marine representative told IHS Jane's on 3 November at the Indo Defence 2016 exhibition in Jakarta.

Work on the concept began in early 2016, with inputs from tertiary institutions Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS), University of Indonesia (UI), and the Indonesian Co-ordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs.

The concept, which features an overall beam of 3 m, has a maximum operating depth of 150 m and an endurance of six days. The vessel can accommodate a crew of five, with space for up to nine additional personnel, and can attain a top speed of 10 kt while submerged.

As the platform has been conceived primarily for reconnaissance and special forces delivery, weapon systems have not been incorporated into the design, according to a staff engineer at PT Palindo Marine.

"At this point of time this is still just a concept, but we expect a contract [from the Indonesian Ministry of Defence] to build a working prototype in order to prove out the design, eventually", the engineer added.

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A model of the 22 m mini-submarine concept on display at Indo Defence 2016. (IHS/Patrick Allen)A model of the 22 m mini-submarine concept on display at Indo Defence 2016. (IHS/Patrick Allen)

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