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Rafael unveils 'hybrid' Spike Typhoon MLS development

02 November 2016
Rafael unveiled a 'hybrid' variant of its Typhoon MLS stabilised naval weapon station at Euronaval 2016 in Le Bourget, Paris, incorporating a combination of two Spike ER missiles (left) and a single Spike NLOS (right) missile with the standard Typhoon pedestal. Source: R Hughes

Key Points

  • New all-missile Typhoon MLS variant deploys two Spike-ER and one Spike-NLOS missile
  • Development expected to be finalised 'shortly

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is evolving a 'hybrid' variant of its Typhoon MLS (missile launch system) family of stabilised naval weapon stations.

The baseline Typhoon is a modular, lightweight, remote-controlled naval medium-calibre gun system designed for force protection against asymmetric threats, or for offensive precision offensive engagement. The MLS introduces variants of the Spike surface-to-surface missile for augmented firepower, but leverages the standard Typhoon pedestal, electronics and Toplite EOS electro-optic (EO) ISR and targeting system. Developed by Rafael, Toplite is equipped with passive dual-mode EO seeker, (charge coupled device [CCD] and imaging infra-red [IIR] camera) and a laser rangefinder for day/night independent weapon system operation.

Current configurations of the Typhoon MLS family are based on either the Spike ER (extended-range) or the Spike-NLOS (non-line-of-sight) electro-optically-guided multipurpose missile, optionally paired with a small or medium calibre (up to 30mm calibre) stabilised gun, and mounted on a Typhoon weapon station.

Typhoon MLS-ER is configured as either a standalone naval missile system equipped with four Spike-ER missile launchers, or as a gun and missile system with two ER launchers and a stabilised gun. Typhoon MLS-NLOS, a medium range naval missile system, is configured as a standalone naval missile system with eight Spike-NLOS missile launchers, or with two NLOS launchers and a stabilised gun.

Both systems feature an on-mount EO tracker - the standard default system is the Toplite EOS system, although other EO trackers can be paired with the Typhoon. Development of both systems has been finalised and both are now in operational use.

The new hybrid MLS variant - shown for the first time at Euronaval 2016 at Le Bourget, Paris - introduces a combination of two Spike ER and one single Spike-NLOS (Tamuz 5) surface-to-surface missile on a single Typhoon weapons mount, delivering a guided kinetic engagement capability, out to ranges of 8 km and 25 km respectively, from a single weapon station.

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