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Argentine Army organised anti-tank workshop with Germany's Dynamit

27 October 2016

German weapons manufacturer Dynamit Nobel Defence presented its line of AT rockets on 25 October to Argentina's top military officials during a workshop in Buenos Aires, IHS Jane's has learned.

The workshop was organised by the Argentine Army's General Directorate of Investigation, Development, and Production and held at the infantry school in Campo de Mayo.

The presentation showcased different versions of the Panzerfaust (Pzf) 3, RGW 60, and RGW 90 anti-tank weapons to more than 100 representatives from the different service branches, including members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the General Directorate of Military Industries.

Several demonstration videos were played, and a simulation exercise was conducted on the Pzf 3 and RGW 90 using the DynaSim simulator.

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