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Lithuania orders H&K rifles and grenade launchers

02 September 2016

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence signed a EUR12.5 million (USD14 million) contract on 29 August for the delivery of a large quantity of G36KA4M1 rifles and HK269 grenade launchers from Germany's Heckler & Koch (H&K). All weapons are scheduled to be delivered to the Lithuanian armed forces in 2017.

"By acquiring an additional batch of the G36, a rifle well known and having good recommendations from Lithuanian soldiers, we will look to retain one type of weapon in the Lithuanian armed forces," explained Lithuanian defence minister Juozas Olekas.

The Lithuanian order relates to the G36KA4M1 rifle: a G36K variant incorporating upgrades recommended by Lithuanian soldiers based on their experiences in using the G36, which is already in Lithuanian service.

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