Eurosatory 2016

Fail-safe actuation [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

High reliability is a cornerstone of the successful operation of UAVs, encompassing every flight-critical element of the air vehicle’s systems. MTC Industries and Research Carmiel from Israel has introduced a unique fail-safe servo actuator that it claims enhances UAV survivability, and enables extended flight endurance.

MTC’s electromechanical rotary servo actuator (ERSA) has two separate control boards providing duplicate flight control channels. This redundancy allows the UAV to maintain controlled flight in the event of a single component failure.

Furthermore, the ERSA employs dual DC brushless motors that do not suffer from the wear and tear associated with traditional brushes. That equates to reduced maintenance requirements and greater reliability.

The ERSA also features a three-gang potentiometer and a highly efficient gearbox. There are options for analogue and digital outputs.

ERSA is one of a number of products being shown by MTC at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand E651). The company manufactures a wide range of sensors, motors, actuators, valves, solenoids and related systems for the aerospace and defence industries.

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