DSEI 2015

A line-up of HEROs [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Israeli smart aerial loitering munitions house UVision (Stand S8-270) is using DSEI 2015 to display the capabilities of its HERO family of loitering weapon systems − including a first showing on a naval platform launcher (NPL).

The HERO family comprises six systems − HERO 30, 70, 120, 250, 400 and 900 − designed for various missions at different ranges (from 5km short-range tactical strikes up to 40km long-range strategic operations).

In addition, HERO systems can be provided in an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance configuration, enabling their use as a means for gathering intelligence, or as a precision effector.

Characterised by extremely low noise and a minimal thermal signature, HERO systems integrate highly advanced stabilised electrooptical sensor packages.

According to UVision, HERO vehicles perform high-speed transit flight and low-speed loiter so as to be able to deliver pinpoint strikes at the time and place of the operator’s choosing.

The HERO family can prosecute targets in urban areas or remote locations, with low collateral damage. In cases where an attack is aborted, the HERO munition can be retargeted.

The NPL is on display for the first time, demonstrating the utility of HERO in the maritime environment. In addition to the NPL, UVision will also exhibit a vehicle platform launcher demonstrating the integration of the HERO 30 variant with land platforms.

"We have invested significant resources in the development of solutions for the integration of our loitering systems with manned and unmanned platforms," said Yair Dubester, UVision’s president and CEO. "This capability can have a crucial impact on the operational independence of soldiers on the battlefield, and their ability to respond quickly, effectively, and in real time against the threats surrounding them."

He added: "Our systems have already gained a number of first-tier customers, with additional customers currently evaluating them."

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