IDEX 2015

Seahawk guns ranged on NAVDEX [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

UK-based MSI-Defence Systems (B-052) is displaying its latest Seahawk range of fully stabilised naval gun systems – now extended to include the new UltraLightweight 0.50 cal mounting – at NAVDEX.

The Seahawk family has been designed to provide ship self-defence against the asymmetric threat, such as fast inshore attack craft, as well as serving in a constabulary role for ships engaged in maritime security operations. All system variants are designed for remote operation, with the modular architecture allowing for a wide range of custom requirements to be met, while maintaining reduced training and through-life support costs.

From 0.50 cal through to 20mm and 30mm calibres, Seahawk systems are designed for ease of installation, with no deck penetration required. This reduces installation time and lowers integration costs. According to the company, more than 260 Seahawk systems have been supplied to 17 navies worldwide, including the UK Royal Navy. There are currently more than 50 system variants in service in the MENA region, with users including the navies of Algeria, Iraq, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Two 30mm variants of the Seahawk are available to view on the NAVDEX waterfront, these being fitted to the RN minehunter HMS Shoreham, and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces’ minehunter Al Jawf.

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