IDEX 2015

Intelligent acquisition [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Nothing focuses the mind like a serious threat, especially one that has been around for 100 years.

UK-based Avon Protection (IGG Pavilion, Stand 04-C20) was there right at the beginning, which goes to show that it has the expertise to offer solutions.

“With evidence at our disposal, there is no doubt that chemical weapons are being used in Syria and elsewhere,” said Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, managing director, CBRN, at Avon Protection. “More disturbing is the possibility that terror groups and extremist individuals rather than national governments could employ CBRN weapons in an improvised fashion.”

In an effort to counter such threats, Avon Protection has just launched its Major Event Support Portfolio as an intelligent acquisition solution. “Instead of an outright buy of large quantities of Hazmat equipment for an important global event, like a G-20 summit or a World Cup, it could be acquired through lease,” de Bretton-Gordon explained.

“We at Avon could deliver the required respirators, gas masks, protective systems and other CBRN tools for the event and undertake the necessary maintenance and long-term support.”

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