IDEX 2015

Turrets for the UAE [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

On 20 February, just before IDEX began, L-3 Wescam announced that it had received an order for 28 MX-15D electro-optical/infrared imaging and target designator turrets from Iomax USA.

These will have high-definition EO and IR imaging sensors, a two-channel colour and low-light spotter, a laser illuminator, a dual-mode rangefinder/ designator and a laser spot tracker. The system is to feature image-blending and Wescam’s proprietary Kinetic moving target indication tool, which can detect multiple moving targets in an image stream. This capability significantly reduces operator burden, while improving surveillance efficiency.

L-3 Wescam (Stand 04-C20) announced that the turrets would be fitted to a fleet of Iomax Archangel turboprop aircraft to support close-air support and border patrol missions flown by what L-3 called “a customer within the United Arab Emirates”.

Deliveries will begin in May 2015 and are scheduled to continue until 2016. Support will be conducted in-country by an L-3 Wescam authorised service centre.

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