IDEX 2015

Working safely from inside [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Having integrated its innovative IGS-4S targeting system in the Colombian Army’s fleet of Cascavel vehicles, South African defence company Rippel Effect (IGG pavilion, Stand 04-C20) now offers its VK-RSS-02 thermal imaging rifle scope as a further enhancement, and as a standalone night scope.

The VK-RSS-02 can be used with secondary weapons such as the 7.62mm machine gun on an armoured vehicle. According to Rippel Effect chief executive, Fritz Visser, the system integrates seamlessly with the IGS-4S, allowing the crew also to operate the secondary weapon from under armour.

However, as Visser explained, “the VK-RSS-02 is more than that; it is a self-contained fully integrated ballistic solution for special operations forces, snipers or combatants. It provides for any combination of thermal imager, HD camera and laser rangefinder, coupled to a real-time 10 MIPS ballistic processor”.

A range estimator or laser rangefinder provides input to the ballistic processor, resulting in a high-resolution image projected on a single eyepiece display. With the range determined, the aiming mark is automatically moved to the correct position on the image. The system also allows for barometric pressure, temperature corrections and other variables to be implemented as options for greater accuracy. Visser said up to 15 different weapons can be accommodated in the ballistic processor.

Rippel Effect is renowned for its XRGL40 extended-range 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher, now in operation with numerous armed forces, including in the Middle East.

The XRGL40 has the ability to fire both low- and medium-velocity grenades (accurately up to 800m) and less-lethal ammunition from the same weapon. The company has just released its RLL37/38 and RLL40 dedicated less-lethal launchers.

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