IDEX 2015

Guarding the perimeter [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

The name Guardian is quite apt to describe the B400 series e-scan radar equipment from UK firm Blighter Surveillance Systems (Stand 05-C16) that has just been selected for installation at a strategic Middle East air base. The contract was awarded to Blighter by Pennsylvania-based Unlimited Technology Inc, to secure the perimeter of the air base.

Blighter’s PESA (passive electronically scanned array) radars and a long-range illuminated camera system for day and night operation form part of the integrated perimeter security system. Completing the configuration that is known as the Blighter Guardian are the BlighterTrack multi-hypothesis software-based radar target tracker and its BlighterView HMI 2 control system that displays radar data and cues the camera systems.

According to Brent Franklin, president of Unlimited Technology, a field-proven robust and reliable e-scan radar was required. “It was vital that the solution was maintenance- free with a 24-hour all-weather capability, low false alarm rate and with a range to look beyond the perimeter.”

Guardian was designed with these capabilities, able to detect small and slow-moving targets, even in cluttered environments, thanks to its coactive frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) Doppler fast-scan processing. It can detect a walking person at 11km or a large moving vehicle at 25km, then cueing the camera to follow and identify the target.

Said Blighter chief executive Mark Radford: “Our solid-state PESA technology has no mechanical moving parts to wear out or to get contaminated by sand or dust, therefore it is ideal for the Middle East environment.”

Blighter’s ITAR-free systems are used worldwide commercially, by governments and in defence for asset and infrastructure protection, coastal surveillance and military applications.

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