IDEX 2015

Take a sip [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

Hydration is arguably one of the most important drills for any combatant; dehydration could incapacitate or even kill. A host of innovative packs, reservoirs and accessories is what has made Camel- Bak (Stand 06-A29) renowned the world over.

With its Elixir product, CamelBak makes hydration not only palatable but also tasty. Elixir is a sugar-free effervescent tablet to add flavour and nutrition to water in a reservoir or bottle. CamelBak offers five flavours, including tangerine-orange and raspberry-lime, with two containing caffeine, to replace electrolytes lost through sweating.

The fifth-generation Chem Bio Reservoir (CBR X) is ideal for CBR threat environments. A lightweight, durable and flexible reservoir, it provides more than three hours of hydration without the user having to connect/disconnect a canteen every time a drink is required.

CamelBak’s DuraFlex Barrier technology ensures there is no penetration of live chemical and biological warfare agents or common toxic industrial chemicals and materials. Worn with a protective mask, the CBR X Reservoir is designed to be fully operational in lethal gas environments.

The Mil Spec Antidote reservoir offers maximum adaptability for changing missions or combat environments. It features the Quick Link exit port and QL HydroLock bite valve adaptor for fast refilling with automatic shut-off.

CamelBak’s Skirmish pack features a contoured back panel and integrated Mil Spec Antidote lumbar reservoir to transfer weight from the back to the hips. Pouches and gear can be attached by means of the low-profile composite MOLLE panel.

CamelBak’s largest, most advanced assault pack is the Rubicon, designed to make carrying even the heaviest load more comfortable. As well as the integrated Mil Spec Antidote lumbar reservoir and MOLLE panel, it has ASIPS radio attachment points to hold communications securely.

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