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Nexter awarded French VBCI support contract

06 April 2014
Nexter has been awarded a 10-year contract to support the French Army's VBCI fleet. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen

On 4 April Nexter Systems was awarded a support-in-service contract for the French Army's 8x8 Véhicule Blindé de Combat d'Infanterie (VBCI) infantry fighting vehicle for the next 10 years.

This new support contract will succeed the previous contract (signed in 2008) on 1 August. According to Nexter, the first contract "has demonstrated its effectiveness by successfully supporting [French military] operations 'Pamir' in Afghanistan, 'Daman' in Lebanon, and 'Serval' in Mali, as well as the maintenance of the training fleet in Champagne."

This contract will implement an optimised support service system, based on a flexible model. With an organisation structured around purchase orders, it will enable the French Army to regulate financial commitments to meet their needs based on the actual use of the fleet. Technical expertise services will concurrently ensure the continued existence of supply flows.

Nexter was selected for the successor support contract by the French defence procurement agency in December 2013, with the contract being signed on 4 April by General Jean-Yves Dominguez, commander of the French Army's through-life support agency, and Philippe Burtin, president of Nexter Systems.

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