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Defexpo 2014: Indian Army poised to conduct assault rifle trials

06 February 2014

The Indian Army is expected to begin long-delayed trials involving four competing multi-calibre 5.56 x 45 mm assault rifles in May in support of its requirement for 66,000 rifles, estimated to cost about USD300 million.

The competing rifles - fielded by the Czech Republic's Czeca (CZ 807A Bren model), Italy's Beretta (ARX-160), Israel's IWI (ACE 1), and US firm Colt (Colt Combat Rifle or Advanced Colt) - will over several months conduct firing-trials at several locations in diverse climatic conditions. These include the western Rajasthan desert, high-altitude locations in the Himalayas, and high humidity areas: all places where the assault rifles are likely to be employed, Beretta's general manager, Carlo Ferlito, told IHS Janes at the Defexpo 2014 exhibition in New Delhi.

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