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New Iranian sub seen for the first time

03 February 2014
Iran's Fateh-class submarine in the water. Source: IRIB

Iran's new Fateh-class submarine was seen briefly in an Iranian television montage about the Islamic Republic's military achievements, even though the boat's launch has not been officially announced as yet.

Iran's first Fateh-class submarine is rolled out of a construction shed at the Bostanu shipyard on an unknown date. (IRIB)Iran's first Fateh-class submarine is rolled out of a construction shed at the Bostanu shipyard on an unknown date. (IRIB)

IHS Jane's revealed that the first Fateh class had been launched in November by publishing satellite imagery showing one in the water at the Bostanu shipyard. A second was under construction at Bandar Anzali on the Caspian.

The one at Bostanu measured 40 m at the waterline, while the one out of the water at Bandar Anzali was approximately 48 m in length, making the Fateh significantly larger than the 29 m Ghadir class that Iran has been building for several years.

The television footage shown on 3 February shows the submarine being constructed inside a shed and then launched at Bostanu.

With foreplanes mounted on a distinctive hull casing, the Fateh is less obviously influenced by North Korean submarines than the Ghadir.

While photographs showing the Ghadir's exposed propeller have been released in the past, the Fateh's propulsion was covered for its launch, suggesting it is either a new system or the Iranians want observers to think it is new.

The submarine's propulsion was concealed during the launch. (IRIB)The submarine's propulsion was concealed during the launch. (IRIB)

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