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US Army to study new small-arms calibers

14 November 2013

The US Army has announced a 'Caliber Configuration Study' to support two new small-arms programmes, designated CLAWS (Combat Lightweight Automatic Weapon System) and LDAM (Lightweight Dismounted Automatic Machinegun).

The announcement was made at an NDIA (National Defense Industries Association) conference held in mid-November at the Army's Picatinny Arsenal.

CLAWS is intended to result in the eventual replacement of all of the existing 5.56 mm rifles, carbines and light machine guns by one modular weapon family with interchangeable barrels, stocks and accessories. This is expected to consist of a carbine (barrel length c.300 mm), assault rifle (c.400 mm), squad designated marksman rifle (c.500 mm), and a squad automatic weapon / light machine gun (c.600 mm barrel).

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