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New taggant system promises covert tracking

10 November 2013

Brimrose Technology Corporation has introduced a new generation of optical tagging, tracking, and locating (TLL) taggants, consisting of proprietary fibre material with nano-materials and quantum dots, which are not observable by readily available third-generation (3G) night vision goggles.

Optical taggants are target identifiers located on personnel or materiel to aid target identification and tracking in a tactical environment. Brimrose has developed covert optical taggants that can be remotely detected at ranges of 1 km or more via infrared emissions in the range of 1-3 microns, with 5-7 micron tags planned for the future.

The "taggants can be excited with many types of light sources including laser, light emitting diode, UV or IR lamp, and sunlight", a company spokesperson told IHS Janes .

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