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PLAN warships pull into Pearl Harbor for USN port visit

09 September 2013
Luhu-class destroyer Qingdao (DDG 113) of the People's Liberation Army Navy pulls into Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 6 September 2013 for a scheduled four-day port visit. Source: US Navy

A trio of Chinese warships has arrived in Hawaii for a scheduled four-day stopover in the United States as part of a series of military-to-military exchanges between the two nations, US Navy (USN) officials announced on 7 September.

The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Luhu-class destroyer Qingdao (DDG 113), Jiangkai-class frigate Linyi (FFG 547), and Fuqing-class fleet oiler Hongzehu (AOR 881) pulled into Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on 6 September.

The ships' crews are participating in receptions and sporting events hosted by their USN counterparts, and are to conclude their visit by conducting a bilateral search and rescue drill on 9 September.

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