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Update: Russia to upgrade Slovakian MiG-29s

08 September 2013

Two contracts have been awarded to RAC MiG by the Slovak Air Force for the maintenance and support of its MiG-29 'Fulcrum' fighter aircraft.

The contracts, announced by MiG on 2 September, will see the company "provide for repair and rework of aircraft radar systems", as well as the aircraft's airframes. The new arrangements will provide support through to November 2016, with the Slovak Ministry of Defence (MoD) indicating that the precise detail of the support to be provided is still being worked on.

Speaking to IHS Jane's on 9 September, the MoD stated that "we believe that the idea of the co-operation with Russians in the field of supporting of our MiG-29 aircraft is good and [is] the only way to [ensure] flexibility in repairing and delivering spare parts from a non-NATO and [non]-EU country, and to be able to fulfil the security of Slovak Airspace.

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