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MSPO 2013: Polish company confirms deliveries of RIBs to Pakistan special forces

05 September 2013

Polish company Techno Marine revealed at MSPO 2013 that it has been delivering high-speed boats to the Pakistan Special Service Group Navy - SSG(N).

About 30 Techno Marine SOF Thunder TM-1025 rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) have been delivered in three batches to the SSG(N) to date, a company representative disclosed at the international defence industry exhibition.

Techno Marine is a designer and manufacturer of high-speed RIBs of 7-16 m in length. The SOF Thunder TM-1025 is a 10.5-m length high-speed boat able to carry 12-16 people, powered by two 250 hp engines with a 50 kt maximum speed.

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