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MSPO 2013: IMI displays MARS precision-guided munition hardware

03 September 2013
IMI displayed its MARS penetrator for the first time at MSPO 2013. Source: Reuben F Johnson

Israel Military Industries (IMI) took the occasion of the MSPO 2013 exhibition in Kielce to show a full-scale round of its Multi-Purpose, Air-Launched Rocket System (MARS).

The existence of the programme has been revealed by IMI at several defence expositions, but this year's event in Poland is the first time the actual hardware has been on display.

The MARS is approximately 4.4 m long and has an operational range of around 100 km. It weighs 549 kg, 120 kg of which constitute the payload, "making it an optimal size for almost any jet fighter in use around the world today," IMI's marketing director, Shmulik Geller, told IHS Jane's .

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