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Peru receives, displays new anti-tank weapons

04 August 2013

The Peruvian Army (EP) has displayed for the first time its new Dynamit Nobel Defence Panzerfaust 3 and Instalaza ALCOTAN-100 rocket launchers.

As previously reported by IHS Jane's , the Peruvian Army is buying about 1,700 Panzerfaust 3 rockets and 181 launchers that are being distributed among armoured infantry and special forces units. The ALCOTAN-100 systems, which include 660 rockets and 74 launchers, are intended to equip cavalry and mountain infantry units.

The systems were publicly unveiled during the Peruvian Independence Day military parade in Lima on 29 July.

To meet the EP's long-range requirements, the Panzerfaust 3s are to be equipped with Dynarange sights and the ALCOTAN-100s with Vosel (M2) fire directors, allowing both rocket launchers to be effective out to 600 m.

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