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Boeing-Sikorsky pledge to more than double US Army's initial JMR investment

31 July 2013
Artist's rendering of Boeing and Sikorsky's X2 coaxial rotor and pusher-propeller offering for JMR. Source: Sikorsky

Boeing and Sikorsky will more than double the US government's spending if the team is chosen to build and demonstrate a rotorcraft for the US Army's Joint Multirole (JMR) helicopter programme, according to a Boeing executive.

"Together, Boeing and Sikorsky are planning to invest significantly more than what the government is investing," Leanne Caret, vice-president of Boeing's vertical lift division, said during a 29 July interview.

Caret added she anticipates inking a JMR Technology Demonstrator (TD) Phase 1 agreement in September and to down-select in June of next year. A first flight of the technologies is scheduled for 2017.

AVX Aircraft Company and Bell Helicopter, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., were also chosen to sign TD 1 contracts separately.

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