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EDePro develops new rocket propellant for SA-3 missile

30 July 2013
More than five 5B29 EX solid-propellant charges for the sustainer motor of the 5V27 missile have been successfully test-fired on EDePro's static test stand. Source: EDePro

The Serbian rocket engine company EDePro has developed a new propellant filling for the main rocket motor of the 5V27 family of surface-to-air missiles used by the Soviet-era S-125M Neva-M (SA-3 'Goa') missile system.

The missile is fitted with a tandem-mounted booster, and the new composite grain (propellant charge) - designated 5B29 EX - is intended to replace the original PEKA-18D propellant used in the missile's 5B29 sustainer motor.

Work on this motor refurbishment scheme started in 2012, and more than five motors filled with the new propellant were tested on EDePro's static test stand in late March 2013. The original Soviet-era 5B29 motor had a burn time of 19-21 seconds, while the new 5B29 EX motor burns for 18-20 seconds.

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